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6 October
Ontario, Canada
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90210, anne of green gables, books, comics, dancing around with nazis, deadpool, dracula, fiction, girly science fiction, glenn miller, gone with the wind, gossip girl, grey's anatomy, harry potter, himym, history, into temptation, lots of things, music, musicals, neil patrick harris, no angel, painting, peter parker, puzzles, reading, running from nazis, singing with large groups, something dangerous, spider-man, the big bang theory, the hangover, the hunger games, the josephine b trilogy, the scarlet letter, the time travellers wife, the vampire chronicles, trueblood, vampires, vampires that don't sparkle, whiskers on kittens, writing, x-men
I really hate these tell us about yourself things. I am me. That really is all. I feel so much pressure to just fill in the music and books and tv and hobbies. I feel so much pressure my grammar goes downhill.

I've recently gone crazy adding userpics. I'm tagging the right creators.
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