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I have never liked dolls. I loved teddy bears but dolls are scary. My fear was given validity when I watched Dr. Who tonight! Yea dolls are evil!
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May the odds

My most favourite and most hated literary couplings!

Thanks to this article on ONTD  I'm now writing my favourite and most hated literary couplings... now I'll just point out that they did five and five and I don't know that I'll manage that... I really like love stories. I agree with most of their couples (except Tess and Angel so belong in the loved category) but here are mine because they missed a few great ones.

Five most hated couples

Ashley and Scarlet from Gone with the Wind
How anyone was in love with Ashley after the book I'm not sure. He's a spineless worm of a man. "Oh I totes love my wife but mmm-mm that Scarlet sure is beautiful." Rhett was right when he said Ashley only wanted Scarlets body... Why did Scarlet have to be so freakin confused?! It's not like they had the internet or anything fun to distract her she could have focused on her feelings and realized she wasn't in love with Ashley!

Allie and Lon from Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook
Seriously Allie? You waited nine years and didn't bother trying to call up Noah because of your "pride?" For real? Then you hop to the first man that's all "sup?" Then you decide to go frolic back to Noah for some sex. You tell him you've never been with anyone else but you're fine with him shacking up with chicks?!?!?!?! You are not a heroine. You're not. You could have solved your own problems by not being so damn prideful!

Lola and that pedophile guy from Atonement
This ones going to reflect on my awesome list because you bug me so much! You knew it wasn't Robbie! It may have been dark but he wasn't shagging you from behind. Paul Marshall is the most annoying of all villians... I love him in the movie though. "You have to bite it!" Marrying your rapist is seriously crazy, even if he's the richest guy ever.

Giles and Helena from Penny Vincenzi's Something Dangerous/Into Temptation
I'm pretty sure none of you have heard of these books but they are the most annoying secondary couple ever. They don't get along and he only married her because she had big breasts and he was trying to get over Barty (who features later on my list)! Really they were the most like any normal couple but I still don't like them. In a series that features two world wars, love coming back after hiding for years, an epic escape from Paris in 1940 I just can't support normal.

Bella and Edward and Jacob from Ughville
I don't think I even need to specify why I don't like these guys. They're in an obsessive love triangle that only ends when one of them falls in love with a baby. It's gross, it's abusive and as my boyfriend said when I forced him to watch a bootlegged copy of Twilight "Teenage girls are stupid." I couldn't agree more.

(FOR GOOD MEASURE) Harry and Draco from Harry Potter
Don't try to be all "But technically" I know they're not technically a couple but I've read a lot of Drarry fics and have had many people explain to me why they're secretly in love throughout the book... I just can't stand it. Draco is the creepy villian with awesome hair and Harry is Harry. Stop shoving this coupling at me I'm just not that into it.

The Best literary Couplings

Henry and Clare from Audrey Niffenegger's The Time Traveller's Wife
They met when she was six and he was 30something. They married when he was 28 and she was 21. This story of a love being so intense it crosses all kinds of time barriers. Their love story brings me to tears every time I read it... and makes me want to have way more sex than is healthy. I always stop reading right before New Years... even though it's ending is debatable as happy I can't help but wish it were. I can't stomach Clare's pain. Their romance is so amazing.

Anne and Gilbert from L.M. Montgomery's Anne of Green Gables
From the time she broke her slate over his head these two were destined to be together 4eva. The first time I read Anne of The Island when Gilbert is dying I sobbed. I never read something so fast. When Anne realizes she loves Gilbert even though it might be too late, it's beautiful. Their pretty old-fashioned wedding is amazing and all their children own. They worked so hard to get to that point, it's worth reading and crying over each time.

Celia and Robbie from Atonement
There's something powerful about a love that can't overcome obstacles. It wasn't for lack of trying. These two loved each other more than anything... they had an awesome scene in a library... they used literary references that were ridiculously hot... but he didn't come home and she didn't get to meet him. The book always depresses me there... but the movie doesn't. I live in a world where they will always be in the cottage by the sea.

Barty and Laurence from Penny Vincenzi's Something Dangerous
Of all my couplings this is the most insane one. Laurence is all "crazy emotional abuse" and Barty is all "stfu let's have sex instead." Normally I don't truck with the crazy abuse but in these two I enjoyed it. They bantered and he pouted but at the end of the day they made each other more of themselves. Except when he lied and they broke up and he went crazy and married someone and had a kid and named if after Barty... that was just weird... but it worked out in the end! Mostly.

Princess Buttercup and Westley from The Princess Bride
I love every syllabub these two say to each other. There love is like the sea after a storm. He really loves her in spite of everything... and he gets to totes go to town on her when he thinks she deceived him! Westley clearly spent too much time being a pirate. I can't say much about these two, they just make a great, hilarious duo.

I'm going to fix this post later I just wanted to get it done for now. Soon there will be pictures and you know links and stuff XD