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Sep. 25th, 2011

May the odds

A post in which I am insane and do not act smart.

headdesk headdesk headdesk

SCHOOL IS HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111111!!!!!!!!11!
So I had to write a news release that's going to be mashed with my co-workers news release (our decision) and I have no clue if I did it right.. well I guess we'll find out tomorrow.
I also have to interview someone in the PR field... well I just sent out 6 emails (we should have found 10) and then I had no idea what to say. I'm used to cold calling people and being like "talk to me about your life and why it sucks" and now I'm emailing and trying to sound polite and gah. I had several "business etiquette email" websites open helping me write those. Bah. Bah. Gah. Bah.

So much stress... and now I'm going to do my hair and wear my new hat. OMG It's a 1920s style Cloche hat of all places Old Navy had them for 16 bucks with 75% off I paid 4 dollars! So excited.

OMG I also have to have a PR related blog that maintains professionalism and covers pr stuff......... current stuff...... IDEK. My stress level is high.

Also I feel like a responsible adult when I accomplish even simple tasks... that probably means I'm not super grown up.

Sep. 3rd, 2011

May the odds

(no subject)

I have never liked dolls. I loved teddy bears but dolls are scary. My fear was given validity when I watched Dr. Who tonight! Yea dolls are evil!

Aug. 19th, 2011

May the odds

(no subject)

I'm going back to school! I'm taking a year long program and it starts September 6th! This means I get to go from full time at my dead end job to part time at my dead end job!!!!!! Maybe I will be able to finally make something of myself! I'm really excited. I just have to meet with the financial person so they can sign off on my loan and give me any left over money.

As of now I'm listening to my favourite fictional band Infant Sorrow because Russell Brand is funny as Aldous Snow.

OMG JEM IS COMING TO DVD THIS FALL!!! I keep realizing that and getting excited.

In spite of the dark stuff that's happening that I'm refusing to acknowledge I feel hopeful that the future will bring some good. At the very least I'm going back to school and I'll have a year of that school feeling I missed so much.

Jun. 30th, 2011

May the odds

Books from Gilmore Girls

So I found a website that listed all the books Rory read during the first four seasons of Gilmore Girl. I'm a fan of reading things that are named in movies and books so I'm going to attempt this list. Except War and Peace that book is boring and I've been a quarter of the way through it for about 3 years I just have to accept it's not going to happen. I don't know how long I'm giving myself for this but it's going to be interesting since I'm going back to school for a year in September and holding down a job and finding an internship and helping my mom sell things online and trying to socialize,

Season One ...

Madame Bovary
by Gustave Flaubert

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
by Mark Twain

Rosemary's Baby
by Ira Levin

Moby Dick
by Herman Melville

War and Peace
by Leo Tolstoy
Never going to finish

Anna Karenina
by Leo Tolstoy

David Copperfield
by Charles Dickens

Little Dorrit
by Charles Dickens

A Tale of Two Cities
by Charles Dickens

Great Expectations
by Charles Dickens

The Shining
by Stephen King

Mencken Chrestomathy
by H. L. Mencken

by Jane Austen

Portable Dorothy Parker
by Dorothy Parker

The Group
by Mary McCarthy

The Metamorphosis
by Franz Kafka

Swann's Way
by Marcel Proust

New Poems of Emily Dickinson
by Emily Dickinson

The Unabridged Journals of Sylvia Plath
by Sylvia Plath

The Bell Jar
by Sylvia Plath

by James Joyce

Season Two ...

Swimming With Giants
by Anne Collet

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
by Edward Albee

Howl and Other Poems
by Allen Ginsberg

Selected Letters of Dawn Powell: 1913-1965
by Dawn Powell

On the Road
by Jack Kerouac

Oliver Twist
by Charles Dickens

The Sound and the Fury
by William Faulkner

The Last Empire Essays 1992-2000
by Gore Vidal

Collected Stories of Eudora Welty
by Eudora Welty

Savage Beauty
by Nancy Milford

Romeo and Juliet
by William Shakespeare
READ (and hated this is my least favourite Shakespeare play)

The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
by Tom Wolfe

The Fountainhead
by Ayn Rand

Season Three ...

Dead Souls
by Nikolai Vasilevich Gogol

Season Four ...

by Ian McEwan
READ(and probably one of my favourite books)

Northanger Abbey
by Jane Austen

Jun. 27th, 2011

May the odds

(no subject)

Applying for student loans I'm terrified I'll be rejected for. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I AM GOING TO PAY FOR SCHOOL THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's amazing how a threat of a 25000 dollar fine and years in prison can make me super honest. I saved my application with one page to go so I could review my information and make sure I was being 100% honest. I rolled my eyes at myself, it's ok.

Apr. 7th, 2011

May the odds

Writer's Block: Arms wide open

If you had to choose, what couple from TV, cinema, or literature, would you choose as your parents?

Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Aside from the obvious factor of never wanting for anything because they're so wealthy they genuinely care about each other. There would be no insane fights. Also there house is amazing.

I'm a ginger so I'd fit in with the Weasley's as well because they are awesome.

Apr. 1st, 2011

May the odds

(no subject)

I'm debating changing my userpic. It's not that I'm tired of Dobby, I love my little elf. I just have a bunch of userpics (and more space to get more) so now I don't know what to change it to. Hmmmmmm.

Mar. 28th, 2011

May the odds

Sick, confused, tired.

I have so many thoughts it's almost impossible to focus. Ugh. Work is horrible right now. I'm in a department of all women and they just turn on you in a second. It's worse because we're all adults so technically shouldn't we just be acting like humans and treating each other if not nicely then politely? I want to slam my face into the computer screen every five seconds.

Politics are freaking me out. Canada is going into an election and it's bringing crazies out on facebook. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but why do they all have to be extremist views about everything? GUNS ARE BAD LET'S GET RID OF ALL GUNS. GUNS ARE GOOD EVERYONE NEEDS MORE GUNS. BOO PRISONS ARE BAD KILL ALL THE PRISONERS. PRISONS HELP PEOPLE GET THEIR LIVES ON TRACK YAY PRISONS. I can't even follow these thoughts anymore.

I just read The Hunger Games trilogy. I love these books so much now. I'm so excited there is going to be a movie! I can't wait to see it. It did make me think about 2012 and what's currently going with the natural disasters. 2012 isn't something that's supposed to happen at once not like Y2K (I can't believe we were terrified that electronics were going to revert to 1900). The Mayan calendar ends at 2012 because that's simply when they stopped counting. People are attributing all of the natural disasters/current wars to the world ending which is kind of a self fulfilling prophecy, isn't it? The Hunger Games had a line about how their world changed due to natural disasters changing the land scape. That is what's happening but it could have happened at any time. Maybe nature thinks "Yea we let those guys expand for a really long time but mostly they're killing us so we're going to have to take back the land?" We've been growing more and building more and higher for a really long time. We've had a hundred years of amazing growth with cities, amazing amounts of technological movements. Is it time to take a moment and pause for nature's sake?

I'm still sick. I've been sick for a few days and right now I'm really dizzy which is freaking me out like no other. Medicine is also making me slightly incoherent. The other day I called in to work and all I remember saying is "Oh shit" because that is obviously a very appropriate sick call. So tired. I bet this whole post makes no sense. I should stop typing.

Feb. 23rd, 2011

comfort sad MJ


I was just trying to organize things.
there was a spider. I cannot cope right now. It was huge and fast and it knew I was going to try to kill it and it tried to eat a dead spider and it was scary and omg omg omg omg omg omg omg.
Green shoe thank for your courageous moment I really applaud your killer skills. I'm shaking from this encounter and normally I'm indifferent to spiders but this one was freaking scary.
I should never attempt to clean and organize. I don't want to touch anything on my dresser now. OMGOMGOMGOMG.


WHAT IF IT HAS FRIENDS?! Although considering how it tried to eat the dead spider it probably has frenimies.


The caps represent my terror just so we're clear.

Jul. 24th, 2010

May the odds

Writer's Block: Supersize me

Have you ever boycotted a company or product? If so, what was it, and what caused you to boycott it?

I haven't had McDonald's in about 3 years. They are just super unhealthy and no matter what you pick there is no "healthy" option. I tend to not eat fast food for a similar reason though.

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